Why Is English Important In The Workplace?

English is the official language of 53 countries, the mother tongue of 400 million people. It is useful in personal life and is especially very important in the professional environment. We explain why in this article.

English Is Important And Even Essential In The World Of Work

More and more recruiters are asking their candidates to master the English language . This is important in the professional world for various reasons:

  • It is the first language in many fields such as commerce, science and technology.
  • More and more jobs require fluency in English
  • Companies are increasingly international
  • This is the language mainly used to communicate and exchange internationally
  • It allows to seize more opportunities in multinationals or abroad
  • This is one of the skills most in demand by employers, even in France.
  • It can give access to positions with greater responsibility
  • It is the most used language in French-speaking companies
  • It would make it possible to obtain a better salary (in Switzerland, 18% more for those who speak English)

There are many ways to learn and improve your English . The most important thing is to know the vocabulary of the business sector of the company or its profession.

The TOEIC: Advantage When Recruiting

About 14,000 businesses and organizations in more than 150 countries use the TOEIC tests . These, on the market for more than 35 years, are the world reference for the assessment of English levels in a professional context. Adding your TOEIC score, reliable and recognized, on your CV allows you to enhance your English skills. This allows recruiters to clearly identify your level.

In addition, it is possible to use their Personal Training Account to take the TOEIC test . An organization can support the funding of English language training if the training includes taking the TOEIC test.

English Is Also Useful In Personal Life

Knowing how to speak, understand and read English is also useful outside the professional world , first of all because it is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world . Also, it is the most used language on the internet (80% of the data on the internet is in English). Regarding the media , it is possible to follow series or films in original version or to read books and magazines in English easily. When you master it, you can travel and communicate internationallymore calmly. The risks of misunderstandings and misunderstandings are reduced in restaurants, hotels, transport, shops … And in case of hesitation to move to another country, the language problem will not arise. In addition, it also promotes meetings and the sharing of moments with people from another culture. In addition, knowing how to speak a foreign language increases the capacities of the brain . The memory is stimulated and the reasoning mode developed. The risks of Alzheimer’s disease are delayed.